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Embracing Tampa Bay...

One family at a time!

Read & Hear Stories of Change

For Single & Pregnant Moms

in Tampa Bay

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Why We Exist

Embracing Tampa Bay for Life exists to bring unity and highlighting 

Sanctity of Life organizations 

like Embrace Grace for pregnant & single moms and post-abortive support ministries

in the Tampa Bay area.

"I started Embracing Tampa Bay for Life because in the past ten years while being involved in the Pro-Life movement

I saw the need to increase unity

between Pro-Life organizations like Embrace Grace groups & Post-abortive groups with local Chrisitan fellowships."

Reggie Hobbs, Tampa Florida



My encounter with Rachel Vineyard has been an experience that I have no words to describe other than truly amazing. Seeing God transforming my heart and others through his grace of healing and allowing me to process forgiveness, not only with myself but with my four babies and also God. 

This healing experience has given me the motherly love I was lacking with my children and now I have been able to restore our relationship to one of, understanding, caring and transmitting loving, not just being present as they use to tell me. 

Rachel Vineyard has been a life-changing experience.


For 28 years after my abortion, I stuffed my feelings and suffered in silence, grieving the loss of my baby. My life became a living hell, and I was severely depressed and existed living day by day. 
In 2012, all that changed when I saw a notice in my church bulletin about Rachel’s Vineyard. I signed up to attend a retreat in June but was afraid to go and felt I was not ready so I canceled. However, in October that same year, I felt it was the right time to go on the retreat. I was very anxious that day knowing I would be facing my biggest fear. Will God forgive me? Can I forgive myself? That weekend began my healing journey. Not only did God remove my fear and forgave me but He has also allowed me to feel tremendous love and support from my family and friends. I am now able to carry the message of hope and healing to others. By doing this, my healing continues and I am able to share my journey by helping other post-abortive parents.


For many years, I struggled with the pain and guiltiness of my abortion. I was young and obliged my girlfriend to have an abortion. Shortly after, I broke up with her. It has been very difficult to see my children grow without knowing that they have a sibling. 
I stopped going to Church and I felt that I was living a false life since nobody in my family new about this abortion. One day a friend of mine told me about Rachel’s Vineyard and when I called, I felt compassion and not judged. When I hang up I felt that I was worthy of another opportunity in life. I went to the retreat and finally I found the peace and forgiveness I was looking for so many years. It does not matter what religion you practice. All faiths are welcome. Jesus is there waiting for us with love, compassion and understanding. 

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Light of Hope Annual Gala
Feb 07, 2020, 6:00 PM
Higgins Hall,
5225 N Himes Ave, Tampa, FL 33614, USA

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